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Last updated December 10,1999

Welcome to the all new Seanchaidh website.

Since we started back on Halloween of 1998 we've had a good number of visitors to our site from all over the world and this is the third and final (for at least another year) remodeling of the site.

One thing that has definately changed is the confusion around here.Where once we had about four different forums and five different ways to chat we now have one forum and one way to chat.Where once we had a newsletter telling of site plans and new updates we will now have this the reformed What's New page.

What follows is the listing of planned updates.

Saturday Dec. 11,1999
Start work on main index
Monday Dec.12,1999
Reorganize legends section
Tuesday Dec. 13,1999
Reorganize Chat & Forums section
Wednesday Dec. 14th 1999
Reorganize other sections
Thursday Dec. 15th 1999
Reorganize unfinished sections
Friday Dec. 16th 1999
Start work on tweaking the site
Sunday Dec. 18th 1999
Add all new section

These dates are not definate because there is a lot of work to be done but the target date for completion of the site upgrade is Christmas Day.