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William Wallace the Brave Heart

Part Three-Wallace Rises!

The time had come for Wallace to make his first major move against his foes and get revenge for the death of his father.Spies working for William's men had told William that the knight who killed his father Fenwick had returned and was entrusted with a special mission.Fenwick's duty was to carry a great deal of gold and silver to Ayr.William laid a trap at Loudoun Hill at a point where Fenwick's men could only ride two by two with little room to move.William had 50 men on his side Fenwick had around 900.

William's forces attacked at the exact time needed causing panic most of the English were killed when their horses panicked and trampled the fallen riders.William himself unseated Fenwick and the English knight was slain by one of William's companions.The battle caused many other Scots to take arms and it proved that the English heavy calvary was not so formidable as once thought.The Scots had gained 200 pack horses and ample supplies.

Sometime later Wallace snuck into the tower of Gargunnock with 60 of his men and executed many of the occupying English forces.William had a strict rule with his men that they were to never harm any women,children or priests to do so would be punishable in the worst way.Wallace believed his cause noble and would not hear of dishonorable actions.

Kinclaven was the site of the next skirmish.William nearly lost his life in this battle when a arrow nicked his chin leaving a scar.The English forces led by Sir James Butler charged the Scots but the Scots held their ground and managed another victory.Wallace himself killed Sir James.Par usual the Scottish forces left the women,children and priests alone but sent them to Perth where a English garrison quickly left to avenge the defeat.

Sir Gerard Heron and Sir John Butler led the attack.Sir John was the son of Sir James Butler and he personally wanted Wallace but in combat Wallace managed to defeat Sir John without killing him.Finally the Scots left the forests and hid for a time in Elcho Park.

William had a lover in Perth whom he wished to see but Sir John still intent on capturing Wallace made the girl help him find out Wallace's hiding place.Sir Gerard Heron and Sir John Butler with their men followed Wallace into the forest where a battle ensued in the end Wallace lost nine men.Later on one of Wallace's own men Fawdon who was suspected of duplicity mutineered and Wallace had to kill him rather than he fall in league with the enemy.Also at about this time Wallace's men began to abandon him perhaps too tired of combat and Wallace went to Lanark.

Sir William Heselrig was the local English sheriff and by historical accounts he was a cruel man also living in Lanark was an 18 year old girl named Marion or Murron Braidfute.William met Marion at the church of St.Kentigern near Lanark and they soon became engaged and later on they married it is believed they wed because Marion was pregnant with William's child.Soon enough they had a daughter William still kept in his fight against the English one incident states that Wallace and his friends had just left church to find their horses tails cut off a young English soldier named Clifford was the one who pulled the cruel prank as the horses were bleeding and in pain.Wallace didn't find the situation funny and soon neither did Clifford for Wallace killed him with one swift stroke.Other English soldiers followed Wallace into Knock Wood where William killed Sir Hugh DeMorland and took his fine horse.

Soon thereafter William led an attack near Queensberry without losing a single man and on an even bolder note sacked Old Lochmaben castle.Wallace was gaining victory after victory but soon he would suffer a great personal tragedy one that would affect him forever.

 Part Four-Rebellion