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Ghost Stories

Here is a collection of some of the finest ghost stories from all across the UK organized by country of origin. So kick back enjoy a pint and keep the fireplace burning.Now if you know of a good ghost site concerning the UK and we left it out then submit it below!This is a section of SEANCHAIDH if you've never visited the award winning site SEANCHAIDH -The Old Ways on the New Medium then you can do so by clicking HERE!


 Derbyshire Ghosts - Derbyshire claims to be the most haunted shire in England. Judge for yourself.

 Cornwall Ghosts - With this site Cornwall claims to be the most haunted place in the British Isles.(is this a developing trend?).I see a pattern here.

 Berkshire Ghosts - said to be home to Herne the Hunter ruler of all ghosts.Skeleton in the closet? How about one in the cupboard.


 IrishEye's Ghost Stories - A very well put together web site you can even hunt for a ghost on their webcam! This is a definate keeper.

 Irish/Celtic Ghost Stories - Takes sometime to load ,some good art however focus is mostly on ancient ghost stories.Celtic matchmaker service too.(Hmmmm).


 Gazetteer of Scottish Ghosts - Loads fast and covers all of Scotland.Short descriptions more of a dossier but plenty of good finds here.

That's it for today Oct.10,1999 i'll add more sites tommorrow.

If you know of a site i neglected to mention send the URL to me!

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