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Celtic legends,Celtic history,Celtic music,genealogy,events and more this is YOUR Celtic resource.

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Main Contents

WHO WERE THE CELTS: a somewhat brief introduction
LEGENDS OF THE CELTS: the great tales of the Celtic lands
SONG OF THE CELTS: links to find great Celtic music
LEGACY OF THE CELTS: genealogy links to help you find your ancestors plus lessons in Scot,Irish and Manx Gaelic language.
FORUMS AND CHAT ROOM:Sponsored by Delphi chat meetings and forums the Seanchaidh meeting place
ANNOUNCEMENTS: special events relating to the theme here announce your Celtic event i.e.Highlander Games,pub opening,etc here for FREE!
HIGHLANDER GHOST PAGE:This is a great source for ghostly tales!
CREDITS: The people responsible for this site and acknowledgements to those who have helped

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The Legacy of the Celts

This site is updated every Tuesday/Chat meetings begin 2pm CST 11-17-98/Last Update 11-23-98

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