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Welcome all here you will find the official GIF file for The Orange Cross Movement and the story behind it.

I was visiting one day and there listed amongst symbols of hate was the Celtic Cross.I was mystified at how a symbol of hope could become so twisted but then i realized it wasn't the symbol it was the people who used it to promote their own agendas such as .

I had wanted get a Celtic cross tattoo but i wondered if i did would i be mistaken for a bigot at the beach or at parties?With groups such as the KKK using such ancient symbols to promote hate how long would it be before the mainstream identified the Celtic cross with racism only?

Then even more appalling was the fact that these racist groups were linking their sites to perfectly legitimate Celtic sites thereby making it seem that these sites ,who were in no way affiliated with any racist organization, tolerated or even in some way supported racism.

Then inspiration hit me.I remembered how not so long ago the city of Pulaski in Giles County,Tennessee the birthplace of the KKK had used orange ribbons in boycott of an annual KKK march this in combination with a voluntary shut down of all businesses that day from resturants to gas stations forced the KKK to stop the marches.

So i decided to create an emblem i modeled the cross shape itself after the one the racist groups used and made it orange.

The GIF files below are rather large but you can resize them anyway you wish now if anyone comes up with a variation on the concept send it to me and i will gladly post it.This logo is free for ALL even if you don't have a Celtic site.There is no copyright involved so feel free to make stickers,shirts and buttons.Resize and add on anyway you like.

I do ask that you link the picture to this page here and everyone who supports the effort will have their site listed here as well.





Just started April 6th.