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Easy to use tutorial for this site

Okay here's how you can interface with this site.

I originally wanted to use frames on this site but not all browsers see frames the same way so i decided to give it a frame like interface.Here is how it works.

The text on the left of the main sections contain links to various sections of the site where you see words such as "Who Were The Celts?" this is the text you would click on to go to that section the text beside it describes the section.

This site is currently divided up into main sections Who Were The Celts ?,Legends of the Celts,Legacy of the Celts,Song of the Celts.

Who Were The Celts ?-gives a history of the Celtic people from their meeting the Greeks to the Dark Ages.

Legends of the Celts-this seems to be the favorite section for visitors as it is updated twice a month with new tales.The longest being the story of William Wallace that section takes up about seven pages and is text only to save time since it is so large.I've found that most web surfers like to get their info and get out which is why the most graphics you'll see will be on the main page.

Legacy of the Celts-where you will find genealogy links,Gaelic language info and other related topics.This site links you directly to the sites rather than frame them you should bookmark the main page which you can do from Microsoft Internet Explorer by clicking Favorites then Add To Favorites if you like me use Netscape then just click Bookmarks then add to bookmarks.

Song of the Celts-where you can get links to sites that promote Celtic music and our suggestions for good music that is Celtic oriented.The bar on the site will allow you to look up bands on this site is linked to CD Now.

The Announcements section is where we post FREE ads for highlander games and other events such as your band is playing Celtic music at a pub or something like that or you're opening up a new pub or Celt web site something of general interest.To get posted here you have to e-mail me however at

Chat Rooms and Forums-this is where our official chat meetings are held every Thursday at the time posted on the front page.You can also find me chatting at in the genealogy room from time to time and on ICQ i also sometimes frequent IRC servers.

Credits is where people responsible for the content of this site can be looked up and it tells you what we use to maintain the site.

The main body of text on the index screen is our weekly announcement plus our counter is there as well as is other info.

I can be reached at if any other question about this site may arise.