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Seanchaidh FAQ List

Here is a list in no specific order on the things i get asked the most.

Q:Where is the Welsh?
A:New Welsh stories have been added and more will come in April.

Q:If i subscribe to the newsletter will you give out my e-mail address?
A:No we hate spam more than you do.

Q:How many people are in this organization?
A:Every visitor is a member

Q:It says updates are every Thursday but the last update was on a Sunday?
A:I get bored sometimes.Well not really if i get a good idea i'll add it at any given time.

Q:How can i get rid of that ad?
A:Without it the site wouldn't be free.

Q:When did this site begin?
A:October 31st 1998

Q:What about advertising?
A:We publish ads here for Celtic items of interest for FREE anything non Celtic related has to pay but not much.

Q:Why do some pages look so different than others?
A:Text only pages may be dull but we strive for ease of use.Text only loads FASTER in fact the page that takes longest to load is the front index plus we give each page a different look so it doesn't become monotonous.

Q:Where do you get the legends from?
A:Lots and lots of books.

Q:Where are you guys from?
A:Just one guy here and he is from Tennessee right now in the USA.

Q:Where did you get the idea for this site?
A:Listening to Steve MacDonald's Sons Of Somerled CD and seeing a need for a all inclusive Celtic site.

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