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one of my favorites a short story

Two highland clans that never really got along were the Campbells and the Mac Donalds a few centuries ago the two clans fought a battle over Duntrune castle.The castle was originally the stronghold of the Campbells but one day the chief of Clan Campbell and the large body of men garrisoned at Duntrune were called away and the Mac Donalds used this opportunity to take the castle.

When the Mac Donalds attacked they killed a few men and locked some up only the Campbell's faithful family piper was allowed to roam around the castle free for during that time pipers were held in special esteem they played their pipes during battle rallying the troops and entertaining during peaceful times they were educated and often took on advisory roles to the mighty highland chieftains.

The MacDonalds knew that the Campbells would be returning and waited they let Campbell flags fly and if one approached by Loch Crinan to the castle everything looked to be normal and so thought the Campbells when they approached home.

The piper saw his former chieftain's boats approaching and as usual played a merry homecoming song but midway through he stopped and performed a sorrowful one which at once alerted the Campbells that something was very wrong and at once they turned their boats around to gather reinforcements and reclaim the castle.

The Mac Donalds were enraged and they were determined that this piper would never play his pipes again. They cut off his hands and destroyed his bagpipes but they might as well have killed him for he became feverish and ill from his wounds and died he was buried without prayers or service near the castle and eventually the MacDonalds were driven out.

This story was long thought to be just a myth but not too long ago a skeleton was unearthed near the castle and it was found to have had it's hands severed and to this day they say the piper can still be heard at the castle of Duntrune.


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