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Seanchaidh started October 31st 1998 and since then has won three awards including The Tripod Celtic Heritage Best of Pod Award for March 1999. Seanchaidh has had over 5,000 visitors in it's first year alone and is listed with a 3 star rating by U.S.Scots magazine.

Seanchaidh is a non profit organization and any funds from advertising or donations goes back into the site.

Seanchaidh in wishing to be nonpartisan does not endorse any political party or ideal or hate group or religious belief.

The site is designed using Netscape Composer 4.7 and uses basic HTML and some java. We are also rated with RSACi if you have a comment or suggestion please send it to .

We gladly accept writings and essays from outside sources however they must abide by our hosts (Tripod) and our own standards.

All art work on this site with the exception of contributed material is made with PaintShop Pro v5.0 and is property of Seanchaidh you are free however to copy anything from this site as long as you list us as the source.