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No we're not asking for money but if this site has pleased you then tell others by adding either one of the banners below to your web page or HTML enabled e-mail just right click and choose save image the slogan "The Old Ways On The New Medium" is property of us but is free for all if used as an ad for this site if you have a Celtic oriented web site you'd like for us to promote we'll add it to our list if you need help placing a link to the pic then just ask us how.Thank you for your support!

Okay this is important as well!

Okay as before the slogan is ours but before i sound too stuffy i'd like to add just like other sites that have banner ads there are restrictions here they are.

1.)Do not change the image use it as is besides if you make it any smaller the text will be really hard to read wouldn't it?

2.)We will NOT allow our site to be affiliated with ANY white supremacy organization or other racist organizations if we find out you are using any of our banners we will do something really obnoxious.

3.)You may if need be change the image from jpeg to gif to save some space we recommend Paint Shop Pro 5.0 cheap and easy just like errrr never mind

4.)If you have ANY problems with this site technically then e-mail us won't you if you have any problems with the site personally then send complaints too you won't hurt my feelings and i may even listen.

5.)Censorship sucks!any attempt by anyone to censor this site will result in legal action.

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