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Chat on the net has gotten a reputation as a useless pursuit but here at Seanchaidh we know that chat rooms can be very useful.

For the past year and two months this site has been around we've used Yahoo! Chat,ICQ,Delphi and IRC and along the way we've caused a bit of confusion over where to go and when for chat.

So starting Dec 25th Seanchaidh's official place to chat will be on ICQ if you want to join us for Seanchaidh ICQ Chat simply visit and download ICQ if you already have it then look me up by my username or my number 15555827. I will still be chatting on once and awhile.

Forums are even more useful than chat and now we have our own forums which will be here on the site sponsored by Bravenet so look for them next week.

Forums for the uninitiated are message boards where you can post a message and have others read it and then reply back to you. Our forums on Delphi will still be up and running but having our own forums here will keep you from having to join Delphi and allow you the convience of not having to go all over the place to be heard.