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clef Seanchaidh-Music of the Celts
From the site of the same name the finest in Celtic Music
Specializing in: World/New Age

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member seanchaidh.

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World/New Age

Ciamar a tha sibh an-diugh?Welcome to the Seanchaidh Music Shoppe here you will find all the celtic music you want at very competitive prices.

Loreena McKennitt
Canada's greatest import is this Celtic musician/singer her voice and music is very haunting just one listen and you too will fall under her spell.My favorite female vocalist and two time Juno award winner!Ownership of ALL of her albums should be made manditory by law she's that good.

The OFFICIAL Lorenna McKennitt site free wav files to sample
The Visit
right now it's "Dante's Prayer" and "Bonny Portmore"

Right now the most popular Celtic musician in the world.Grammy winner too.

Enya's record label with official Enya page
Shepard Moons
Carribean Blue

Steve McDonald
His first release "Sons of Somerled" was voted best traditional album in New Zealand his homeland but this album will instill a sense of pride in your Celtic heritage very inspirational my dad prefers "Stone of Destiny" it's more relaxed

Sons of Somerled
All You Can Know

Connie Dover
This American Celtic singer has a soothing voice and does not disappoint i heard her on the Heart of the Celts compilation and became addicted you will too

If I Ever Return
Ned On The Hill

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This Personal CD Store was made by Tripod member seanchaidh.
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