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as you drive in your car
the breeze blows upon you
it tosses your hair billowing in air
for there is no one as exotic as you

As You stroll in the sun
the daystar shines brightly upon you
yet even it's light is dimmed
for there  is no one as brilliant as you

as you lie in the park
the leaves of fall fall upon you
colors in nature merge with your style
there is no one as elegant as you

as you sleep in your bed
the angels look down upon you
are they amazed or envious
for there is no one as pure as you

as you rest in my arms
i look down upon you
blessed in my fortune
there is no one as cherished as you

as you look in my eyes
and i gaze down upon you
i realize that after it all
there is no one i love as much as you

As YOU-1992-Cyberian dreams ltd.