Seanchaidh Advertising
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Advertising Policies

Seanchaidh is a NON-PROFIT site.Any revenue we make goes into buying technology to improve the site and if anything is left over it goes to charity therefore we post regular non content related business ads for 100 dollars American per month.However your ad must be related to the content on this site if you are a for profit business , any non-profit entities can advertise here for FREE these rules apply as of November 24,1998.
Posts for personal web pages with relevant content will be done for free for one month then removed due to space restrictions this includes services similiar to ours.Links to family information pages and genealogist pages will as well be made free and kept here until they ask to be removed.
Some restrictions apply since this is a family site.We reserve the right to deny service to certain individuals based on this standard we are non-profit so you can't sue us.:p
Companies that have donated their services have been linked and posted for free due to services rendered.